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(CH Hug's Desert Fire O'Shasta OFA/CERF x CH Qubic's Highway To Heaven OFA/CERF)

Thank you for coming to the Qubic Old English Sheepdog web site.
We have taken a hiatus from breeding OES, but will reopen the web site should we have puppies in the future. Thank you.

There is a difference in Old English Sheepdog breeders and in Old English Sheepdog puppies. As you surf from OES web site to web site you see adorable pictures of puppies, doting mothers of the puppies and verbiage from the breeders indicating how they raise puppies for the pet owners not interested in future breeding or showing. However, have these people really invested in the Breed. Did they do pedigree analysis for both breed conformation and characteristics, and the myriad of health issues that must concern every breeder? Generally, they did not. Have they certified all of the dogs they breed for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Thyroid Disease, Eye Disease and Heart Disease? Do they have the eyes checked on every puppy and hearing evaluations before they leave for their homes? Generally not. Will these people be there when you have questions, or you cannot keep your dog any more due to a life changing experience you may have? Probably not. What is their purpose of breeding a steady stream of OES puppies? To make money. It is not a community service to you or anyone else.

True “hobby” breeders, in any breed, are the caretakers of their breed. They have years of sacrifice and experience invested in the breed they love. What limited income might come in is re-invested into quality kennel facilities, equipment, premium nutrition, showing and breeding expenses, and most often another means of income is necessary to maintain the dogs in an appropriate manner. Hobbyists don’t have puppies on the shelf that can be picked from when a person calls. Hobby breeders take reservations for pups that might be a year away. The public can be sure that when a puppy is received from a responsible Hobby Breeder there will be a reputable resource in the breeder, who will guide you through the ownership process, and be available throughout the life of the dog.

Qubic Old English Sheepdogs was established in 1973. We have bred and owned over 100 OES Champions. Our puppies are companions and show dogs. They do conformation, agility, obedience, rally and herding events. They have true Herding dog temperaments. They are active and athletic and maintain true OES type and appearance. This long association with the Old English Sheepdog has made Qubic Old English Sheepdogs one of the most recognized prefixes in the Breed.

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